Bond (Thailand) Ramps Up Integrated Cargo Handling Business

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Leading maritime logistics firm, Bond (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is strategically bolstering its expansion into integrated cargo handling, eyeing to become a one-stop service provider. With over a decade of deep-rooted expertise from Port Captains and an elite team experienced in major Thai and international ports, Bond aims to augment its customer base across the Middle East and Europe.


Krit Seetongoon, Managing Director of Bond (Thailand), emphasized, “The shipping industry is crucial for national economic growth. It’s imperative for the supply chain to collaborate with seasoned cargo handlers who can seamlessly facilitate shipping transportation, ensuring the country’s economic prosperity.”

Highlighting the indispensable role of cargo handling in the shipping logistics sector, Seetongoon added, “Efficient cargo handling guarantees profitability, trustworthiness, and customer satisfaction. Mastery over challenges such as climatic assessments during transport, understanding product specifications, and timely deliveries is vital. Any deviation could lead to significant costs.”

Armed with experience, Bond (Thailand) is primed to offer unparalleled assistance to maritime logistic entities. They’ve streamlined processes from planning to product loading, coordination, and ensuring optimal product handling, reflecting their commitment to excellence.


Moreover, Bond has innovated its equipment arsenal, ensuring heightened cargo safety. Their in-house developed pre-sling rope, crafted from superior materials, supports up to 3-5 tons. Supplementary assets like WOOD DUNNAGE and air bags reinforce cargo safety, reflecting Bond’s eco-friendly and cost-effective approach.

Seetongoon elaborated, “Our proficiency enables us to handle diverse goods efficiently. Our forward-thinking strategy includes expanding cargo transport via barges and offering holistic services to customers.”


Outlining the company’s vision, he shared, “Bond aims to be the go-to one-stop service provider, serving both major and minor maritime transport businesses. We’re plotting our course to extend our presence to the Middle East and Europe, leveraging our commitment to quality, affordability, and timeliness.”


Reaffirming Bond’s commitment, Seetongoon concluded, “We are poised to be a catalyst for mutual business success, continually embracing modern technology for efficiency, safety, and affordability. Our focus remains on holistic growth through expertise, innovation, and unwavering dedication to our partners.”

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