What are Hatch Cover Sealing Tape (Marine Tape) and its application?

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Hatch Cover Sealing Tape is a self-adhesive heavy-duty sealing tape. It is a technology that combines modified asphalt with Elastomer SBS polymer. It is specifically made for marine use (Marine Tape).

Apart from a powerful adhesive qualification, Hatch Cover Sealing Tape is highly water resistant and very durable. It is designed to be used on a ship’s hatch cover, tanker cover, weather deck door, metal pipe, etc., as a protection for the ship from leakage of water (seawater), fire, fuel oil into the cargo area, and by extension of goods against damages from those leakages.

Marine tape is recommended where rough sea and heavy weather conditions are to be expected during sea passage. It helps as double protection in addition to the strong dunnage.


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