in the shipping and offshore industry.

We are always available to support locations of Songkhla, Suratthani, Phuket, Ranong, and others upon request.


Port Services

Efficient Port Operations

We streamline your port operations for faster turnaround times

Cargo Handling Solutions

Safe & Secure Cargo Handling

Ensure the safety and security of your cargo with our expert handling solutions.

Lashing Material Supply for Cargo Operation

Reliable Lashing Material Supply

Choose from our wide range of high-quality lashing materials.

What We Do

Discover tailored solutions to overcome your maritime challenges.

Bond Thailand Marine Services is your one-stop solution for marine cargo handling and port services. With over a decade of experience in the shipping and offshore industries, our founders understand the significance of seamless transitions between sea and land to ensure profitability and efficiency in port operations.

Port Services

Streamline your port operations for faster turnaround times.

Specializing in stevedoring services, we meticulously plan and execute each operation with a focus on safety and timely turnaround. Our strong relationships with port officials grant us access to essential equipment at ports and terminals.
To maintain the quality and continuity of our services, we recruit skilled staff and front-line executives who are available during loading and unloading activities.

Lashing Material Supply for Cargo Operation

Equip your operations with our high-quality lashing materials.

Our services encompass efficient cargo loading and unloading, supported by professional teams and Port Captains who offer comprehensive advice.

In addition, we supply and install shockproof air bags and Wood Dunnage to protect your valuable goods during transportation. Our Pre Sling solutions facilitate easy and efficient movement of goods onto ships, reducing manual labor.

What's your challenge?

Discover tailored solutions to overcome your maritime challenges. Provision of additional services can be discussed upon request. Don’t hesitate to submit your inquiries.

Stevedoring service is our specialized competency.  

From cargoes – coal, cement, food grains, steel, timber logs, Iron Ore pellets,   feldspar, bentonite, minerals, fertilizers etc. – to containers, our team has good knowledge and experience and is well trained to handle them all.

With us, your cargoes are safe, the least space is wasted, and spend the least time at port. We provide cargo handling services to support your cargo operation. 

  • Cargo holds broken space
  • Dunnage Airbag
  • Pure dry desiccant


We work with our own fleet of general cargo and specialised trucks, lorries and carriers at many locations round the world. Bond Thailand Co.,Ltd has built a network of transportation covering sea, air and land. We are always available to support locations of SKL, Suratthani, Phuket, Ranong, and others upon request


Essential equipment for a cargo operation, particularly Pre Sling or Polypropylene Rope (PP Rope), is provided. We have tested every batch through the Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) Test by Horizontal machine, which then is certified by DNV-GL.

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We go beyond the standard ship agency services with an extensive range of complementary services covering global hub agency, husbandry, bunker fuel supplies, ship spares logistics, underwater hull cleaning and more. Whether you’re controlling an entire fleet or a single vessel, our comprehensive portfolio of services can be tailored to your needs.


Other Services Related to port operation

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Shipping Agency and Supplies

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Shipping freight arrangement

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Transshipment cargo, Bonded Warehouse

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Other related port & shipping services

Lumber Supply

Shipping Dunnage and Wood pallet to Spec

We supply our customers with high-quality wood dunnage and wood pallet. We supply and install Wood Dunnage to safeguard your cargo, preventing damage and ensuring optimal protection during transportation.

We provide exceptional customer service to our clients and a competitive price.  We are the best choice for you to supply dunnage wood and pallet in Thailand.

At Bond Thailand, we use locally sourced wood. No matter the size you need, or the volume you demand, we can accommodate your application.

At Bond Thailand, We ensuring the highest fuel standards for your vessels. Our stringent quality control procedures guarantee that your vessels receive the best possible fuel, meeting international standards and reducing engine wear.

Marine Bunker Service

Fueling your vessels for optimal performance

Ensure efficient and timely refueling of your vessels with our high-quality Marine Bunker Service, tailored to meet your specific needs.
With our Marine Bunker Service, we deliver prompt and dependable fueling solutions for your vessels, ensuring smooth operations and minimal downtime.

Who we are?


We put in the heart of the shipowner. The ship should sail at sea while cargoes should be handled undamage. We promise to make that certain.

Bond (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. began the business in 2016 with operation office in Songkhla. Base on global standardization we are a leading supplier of high standard lashing equipment and provide stevedoring services at the same time. And with more and more customers’ requirements coming in, we expanded our business to shipping agency, marine consultant, crew manning and logistics. We currently operate in Songkhla, Ranong, Phuket, Bangkok, Laem Chabang and Sriracha Ports.

Bond Thailand Marine Services

We provide skillful workers with equipment and logistics to support cargo loading and unloading operations.

Let us keep you with new regulations for transportation equipment. We are here to ensure that all the standards are met.

Why Choose Bond Thailand Marine Services?

Efficient Port Services Ensuring Secure Cargo Operations

Our access to port equipment, our well-planned preparation, and our team of the skilled crew are those to guarantee all processes will complete as scheduled.

Provision of additional services can be discussed upon request.  Don’t hesitate to submit your inquiries. →