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MDF Loading on Hatch Cover: Bond Thailand’s Innovative Approach to Marine Services

At Bond Thailand, we take great pride in our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence within the maritime services industry. In this article, we will provide professionals with valuable insights into our recent operations, highlighting the dedicated efforts of our Port Captain and the proficient stevedoring team. Our objective is not only to showcase our outstanding capabilities but also to enhance industry knowledge regarding the intricacies of cargo loading, with a specific focus on safety and efficiency.

Port Stevedoring Services: A Demonstration of Precision and Safety

In a recent endeavor at the Siam Commercial Seaport, Thailand, our professional team successfully accomplished the meticulous task of executing a cargo loading operation of significant scale. The objective was to load a substantial volume of MDF cargoes, weighing an impressive 40,897.7739 metric tons and occupying a total space of 53,119.378 cubic meters, destined for Aqaba Port, Jordan, and Dimietta Port, Egypt. Our approach was systematic and rigorously adhered to safety standards, ensuring the utmost efficiency and security for both the cargo and personnel involved.

To commence the operation, a comprehensive pre-operation meeting was conducted, serving as a critical platform for aligning the Port Captain, foremen, workers, and forklift operators with the specific demands of the vessel. Recognizing the unique challenges presented by each vessel, our meticulous planning encompassed all aspects, ranging from the development of a cargo stowage plan to preparing all departments for the vessel’s arrival at the port.

Loading MDF Cargoes on Hatch Covers: Why and How

A significant part of our expertise lies in handling MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) cargoes. MDF is a versatile and widely used material, but its transportation poses specific challenges, particularly when loaded on hatch covers. The reason behind this unconventional loading method stems from the need to maximize space and accommodate additional cargo when the hold’s capacity is reached or to balance the vessel’s load for safe sea passage.

Our process began with the preparation of the hatch covers, which involves laying down large tarpaulins to protect the MDF from potential water damage from rain or sea spray. Then, we employed wire ropes strategically placed across the hatch to create a secure framework. Each MDF package was carefully loaded and arranged in rows, with careful attention to weight distribution and stability. After the first layer was complete, we covered it with another layer of tarpaulin, followed by additional rows of MDF, ensuring each layer is securely fastened and covered to protect against the elements.

Innovating for Efficiency and Safety

As we loaded the MDF cargoes, our team utilized a tier-by-tier strategy to maximize space and maintain the hatch cover’s structural integrity. We were careful not to exceed four tiers, adhering to the hatch cover’s weight limit and mitigating the risk of cargo displacement caused by sea movement. Each tier was carefully covered with the tarp edges to secure the cargo further, showcasing our innovative approaches to challenges typically faced in maritime logistics.

Upon completing the loading process, we undertook a rigorous securing procedure, utilizing additional tarps and wire ropes to bind the cargo tightly to the ship’s structure. This method not only ensures the safety of the cargo but also allows ongoing inspection and adjustment throughout the voyage, illustrating our proactive stance on cargo security.

Conclusion: Our Commitment to Excellence

This operation is just one example of our team’s dedication to providing efficient, reliable, and professional maritime services. At Bond Thailand, we are steadfast in our commitment to safety, operational excellence, and client satisfaction. Our detailed planning, innovative loading techniques, and stringent safety measures underscore our expertise in the maritime sector.

At Bond Thailand, we are not just about transporting cargo; we are about ensuring it arrives safely, efficiently, and reliably, every time.

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