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Steel pipe cargo loading operation in Batam, Indonesia.

Everywhere we go!
Bond (Thailand) provide port captain service domestically and internationally. Currently we have expanded our service in ASEAN.

This time is steel pipe cargo loading operation in Batam, Indonesia.
Team work is truly the key to success in cargo loading operation and we make sure that everyone is on the same goal.

Working among culturally different environment can be quite challenging. With professionalism and experience, and of course “THAI SMILE,” our port captain can fit right in any group of people and culture.

When there is no crack in foundation of the Team, it sails smoothly. And that is one of the important keys to efficiency in any operation.

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Let's us take care of your cargoes.

Our team has good knowledge and experience and is well trained to handle them. Your cargo will operate under best practices. To make your ship leave the port smoothly and arrive at the next destination safely.

Why Bond Thailand?

Our access to port equipment, our well-planned preparation, and our team of the skilled crew are those to guarantee all processes will complete as scheduled.

Provision of additional services can be discussed upon request.  Don’t hesitate to submit your inquiries.